The Crystal Mirror - Rock Shop, Metaphysical Supplies, Hand Drums, Tarot and more.

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Welcome to the Crystal Mirror, Salem OR.

The Crystal Mirror metaphysical healing center and rock shop in downtown Salem OR is your reliable source for metaphysical supplies, gifts and services.

Spiritual guidance and healing services include Tarot readings, Aura readings, crystal healing, chakra opening and balancing, soul singing and between world communications which are performed in the Healing Room by experienced and gifted spiritual guide, Carma Cole.

A large arrangement of metaphysical gifts and supplies including healing gemstones, crystals and rocks, Pagan supplies, jewelry, aromatherapy products, tarot cards, oracle cards, metaphysical books, hand drums, magical statuary, ceremonial and spiritual supplies, ritual tools and divination tools are all here at the Crystal Mirror.

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The Crystal Mirror - See yourself there.
Downstairs in the Reed Underground.

Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals, Gemstones and Rocks

The rock shop has a large assortment of rocks, gems and stones to choose from including healing stones and gems, quartz crystal points, clusters, and many other rocks used for metaphysical purposes.

We Custom-Make Healing Jewelry

Choosing from our selection of healing crystals, gemstones and rocks, we will design healing jewelry that is tailored to aid your specific ailment or improve your wellbeing for healthy living.

Hand drums

Hand Drums

High quality hand drums and percussion instruments include Doumbeks, Djembes, Native American drums, and other percussion instruments along with didgeridoo are featured in the instrument section. Custom orders are welcome.



The Crystal Mirror carries silver jewelry, Pagan jewelry, goddess jewelry, Egyptian jewelry, triquetras, celtic jewelry, deity and patron jewelry are available in necklaces, rings, earings, and other adornments.

tarot and oracle cards

Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Divination Tools, and Meditation Supplies.

Meditation and divination tools include crystal balls, Celtic scrying mirrors, pendulums, runestones, tarot cards and oracle cards.

ceremonial goblet

Ceremonial Tools, Ritual and Spiritual Tools

Chalices, goblets, athame, alter kits, ceremonial robes and capes, ritual candles and candle holders bells and gongs for all of your ceremonial, spiritual and ritual practices and needs.

All Natural Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy Supplies

Aromatherapy supplies include all natural incense and aromatherapy oils, sage and sweetgrass.

Dragon Statue


A wide selection of statues, figurines, dragons, and fairies are on display. Egyptian statues, Goddess statues, Pagan statues, Celtic Statues, fossils, elegant fairies and mystical dragons can be found at the Crystal Mirror.

Metaphysical Books

Metaphysical Books

Instructional and research oriented metaphysical books are available in several topics. Some of the metaphysical books at the Crystal Mirror include Feng shui, crystal healing and chakra books, tarot books, divination books and dowsing.

Metaphysical Books

Grand Winner Salem's Best of 2010

The Crystal Mirror was voted as Salem's #1 "Best Downtown Shop" and also received #1 for "Best Customer Care" by Salem area Voters for the annual Salem Weekly Newspaper "Best of " competition.

The Crystal Mirror

  • Mon.-Fri.
  • Hours:11am-6pm
  • Saturdays
  • P: 971-240-0862
  • Suite B-5/6
    Reed Opera House, Basement level
  • 189 Liberty St. NE.
  • Salem Oregon